My Gym, My fitness, Mei Fitness

Fitness gyms are everywhere. The competition is everywhere. Being able to separate your gym from that competition is a hard thing to do. However, it is very possible as shown by the owner of Mei Fitness.

I first started going to the Southport location, the beginning of this past summer. I had been at LA Fitness for several months and before that I was at the old golds gym off of Washington Street. Both gyms were great although the drive was too long for golds and it was time to move on from LA Fitness. I didn’t know what gym I would move to although I kept hearing about this one gym that was open 24/7 and called Me? I had literally thought thats how it was spelled! (ha)

I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with moving fitness centers. I knew that meant I would have to learn new equipment, the lay of the land and so on. After a week of going back and forth about it and being annoyed of not working out, I bit the bullet. In one of my later posts I talked about how certain things that motivate me just eat at me until it bothers me enough to get to it. Let’s just say I was fed up and needed to get back to building my physique.

I purchased my membership online and decided if I wasn’t going back to LA Fitness I need to (man up) and try out a new spot.

I was blown out of the water when I went into Mei for the first time. The staff were all so kind and I was genuinely amazed at how much they had to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the gym wasn’t too busy mid day and even when it was busy it wasn’t craziness everywhere. From that first day I knew I made the right choice of switching up my gym location.

Fitness is a lifestyle and being able to enjoy that lifestyle you have to be in a place you are most comfortable in. Mei Fitness is were I have felt the most comfortable and welcomed.

What Drives My Motivation

Getting into the gym can be taxing on you mentally, physically and very time consuming out of a busy day. Going to the gym isn’t something easy. Its an hour and some of your day spent putting hard work into your body when you might not see the results right away.

Let me fill you in on a few motivational thoughts I fill my head with when its been a long day and I’m not so sure the gym is even worth it.

  • Booty gains

We all know those girls that have the perfect butt without even having to really work for it. Their mama graced them with those curves. And some on us envy those women! Go them!! Seriously. For me, however, I was not given that grace. It’s taken me 4 years to get where I am in that particular part of my body and I am so proud of it! But every time I am just sitting on the couch dreading the gym knowing I need to get there I think, “Well, it won’t get anywhere if I just sit here…” so I get up and start moving towards my goals.

  • Am I having a rough day?

The gym isn’t always a “do I really have to go?” type thought. Sometimes i’m having a rough day, sometimes my days are cloudy. So its not a “do I have to” its more like “I really need to.”, “I really WANT to.” The gym is a therapy. The gym is an escape for me. I get in there and everything else that is noisy in the world drops like a 100 pound weight with my headphones on nothing else matters when I focus on what I want my body to do. Once I’ve left I feel like my day has done a 180 flip. It’s an investment in myself. A very rich investment

  • To look good naked.

Lets be honest… self confidence is very important. Of course everyone is beautiful in their own way but I have found to have very high standards for myself and what I want to personally achieve with my body. Therefore making myself go after a long day or a lazy day I get closer to achieving the goals I want to reach.

  • What is the person next to me doing that I am not.

To be 100% honest here I need to say that sometimes this thought drives me absolutely bonkers! Which is very good in its own way. I will say this is probably the biggest motivation boost I have when it comes to just getting that workout done. I have always had the phrase, “There is always someone bigger, better, and badder than you are.” ingrained into my mind from the time I was walking and riding 1000 pound animals. This phase pushes me in the most miraculous way because the truth of it is real. I will always strive to make the most effort in achieving the goals I have in myself and fighting for my spot on top.

So to come back to my opening thoughts, it is worth it! Completely worth every minute spent in the gym. The results night not come right away but after a while, it becomes a habit, then it becomes a lifestyle, and that is when the results are noticed in yourself and by others.


Feel The Burn Shoulder Workout!

Post Shoulder Pump

Hey guys! I know its a Monday, and Monday is my designated leg day so save this one for Tuesday and go check out my last post on Booty Gains! In all seriousness though, this workout destroyed my shoulders! I mean demolished. Keep in mind these workouts are what I personally do, so please be careful! I went on the heavier side with the weight to build muscle, with lower reps.  The necessities for this workout include dumbbells, pre-weighted barbells, and the ground (ha).

  • 50 warmup pushups
  • 4×10-8-6-4 dumbbell shoulder press (increase weight as reps drop)
  • 4×8 dumbbell side raises 
  • 4×8 dumbbell front raise
  • 3×10 Arnold press dropset pre-weighted barbell front raises until failure 
  • 4×12 cable Lat push downs superset 4×15 lat pull downs (not super heavy but challenging enough to burn but not terrible for a small cool down)

I hope y’all enjoy this workout! I definitely did!